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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MAJiLLY used for decorative purposes only?
MAJiLLY dinnerware and serving pieces are lead and heavy metal free. Each ceramic piece is hand painted in our factory in Italy and fired at very high temperatures to assure food safety.

Can I put MAJiLLY in the microwave?
We do not recommend sudden temperature changes, such as those caused by a microwave. This is due to the inherent heat shock properties of all ceramics. MAJiLLY will become too hot to handle safely.

Can I put MAJiLLY in the dishwasher?
MAJiLLY ceramic pieces can be washed in the dishwasher.

If I start a MAJiLLY collection now, how can I be sure that I will be able to add or replace items in the future?
Because we own the designs, we never retire or discontinue a pattern. If a MAJiLLY pattern is not currently in production, we can manufacture items upon request. This insures that an investment in MAJiLLY will be a long-term investment. Any out-of-stock item could be produced with about a three-month lead time.

How should I go about ordering/re-ordering MAJiLLY and is there a particular person I should contact?
You can order/re-order by the following methods:
Telephone: (860) 974- 3717 our office between 8:00am - 5:00pm EST
Fax: (860) 974-3844 anytime
E-mail: martha@majilly.com
If you need help deciding on an item or want to make sure something is in stock you may contact any one of our knowledgeable staff by the above methods

I recently ordered a MAJiLLY Cupboard, when can I expect delivery and how many people should I hire to set it up?
All of our Cupboards are made-to-order. They are hand-crafted and hand-painted in our Connecticut studio. This attention to detail means that it will take about one month for your Cupboard to be ready for shipping. A moving company will then deliver the Cupboard to you, unwrap it and set it up for you. There is really no need to hire extra help for this as shipping and set-up are included in the price of your Cupboard.

How can I see a picture of an item?
We offer product images on our website and we are updating our images every week. If there is no image available for a particular item, we will place a picture of the place setting so you can become familiar with the pattern. Images available can be enlarged by clicking on the picture.

How can I get a catalog of pictures for a particular design?
EASY! We maintain up to date information, pictures for each design. You may request information through telephone, fax and/or e-mail. Please supply the design you are interested in as well as your name and mailing address.

Does MAJiLLY accept international orders?
YES! All orders accepted in Euros must be shipped to a European address.

What is your return policy? Will I get my money back?
You can review our return policy at the following link: Returns Policy


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